May 24, 2015

TribeTats: the perfect summer accessory

I'm so excited to show you guys these amazing temporary tribal tattoos!

Temporary tattoos have become really popular this year, with celebrities like Beyoncé, Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne and Selena Gomez sporting these tribal designs at music festivals and even on the red carpet. They're the perfect mix of jewellery, tattoo and body art.

You can wear them on its own, or layer them with your favourite watch and bracelets - have fun and experiment with them! I love the idea of a temporary tattoo because you can easily change up the designs, and it's also a great accessory for occasions when wearing arm candy isn't the most practical idea - like a pool party, a gym session or a day at the beach.

The metallic tattoos I'm wearing are from TribeTats. They have a range of collections with bracelets, rings, necklaces, nails and other tattoos that can be used anywhere on your body. I'm definitely a bracelet kind of girl, so I chose the Bracelets Collection. It comes with four full sheets of tattoos with a mix of designs in shimmery gold, silver, rose gold and black. I absolutely LOVE these designs! The colour comes out amazingly well on the skin and it looks super cool and festival-like. It adds a hint of glam to your look instantly without you having to worry about wearing anything. And just a little extra tip: if you have left over sections from the bracelets (they can be a bit long), just cut off the remaining parts and use them for rings! 

They also have perforated sheets, so you can separate the tattoos to organise a design and apply them easily. They can last up to a week and although I've only had mine on for 2 days, they haven't started to peel at all.

I can't recommend TribeTats enough! Their quality and designs are amazing.
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 Now for the tricky part... trying to choose which TribeTats to wear!