May 25, 2015

Montenegro photo diary

Montenegro was by far the most picturesque country I've travelled to yet! The lakes were stunning and so quiet and tranquil. It was breathtaking to drive around the lakes with huge mountains in the background surrounding you. I felt like I was in the middle of nowhere because there were hardly any houses or local people around and it seemed very remote. But that's what I enjoyed about it. The water was still and the location seemed untouched. That could be because it was winter, but nevertheless, it was still a beautiful country to visit during this time of year.

After climbing the fortress and seeing amazing views of the Bay of Kotor, we headed on to see the famous island of Sveti Stefan, which apparently comes to life in summer with fully-booked resorts and beaches packed with tourists. Then our last stop was the town of Budva. Another relaxing place by the beach, which also gets really crowded during summer. Montenegro is perfect for a summer vacation because of its endless coastal hotspots and beach resorts for tourists. I guess I got to see Montenegro in a different light - more calm and serene. It was definitely a trip to remember!

 Serenity at its finest...

Climbing the fortress was definitely worth the view!
 The island of Sveti Stefan


That's it for Montenegro. Photo diary of Bosnia and Herzegovina is coming up soon!