May 26, 2015

Bosnia and Herzegovina photo diary

I remember seeing the Mostar bridge on a travel television program a few years ago and wanting to visit it, but it just seemed really remote. I never realised how close it was to Dubrovnik, so when I saw a day tour that went to Mostar, I grabbed the opportunity and went for it!

I've always found it such an interesting place. It's known as a melting pot of cultures and where east meets west and north meets south. It has a hint of Mediterranean air, as well as a glimpse of what Eastern Europe has to offer. Mostar was under Turkish rule, so there are many mosques and traditional Turkish houses, whereas Western Europe is predominantly Christian. So you definitely get a different vibe and it's made me even more excited about travelling further east to Turkey, Egypt and the Middle East. 

Town of Pońćitelj

The Old Bridge of Mostar

Town of Blagaj

 I hope you guys enjoyed this photo diary. Stay tuned for more of my travel pics :)