April 25, 2015

Exploring Caen in spring

Caen in spring is definitely something else! Trees come alive, flowers blossom, the sun is out and the sky is blue! Just how I like it :)

Since I finally completed my first semester at uni (YAY!!), I actually had some free time and decided to explore the city last Sunday. The weather was perfect and I spent the day as a tourist. I visited all the main sights, attractions and events. Turns out there's actually quite a lot of thing to see and do in this small town!

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Starting the day off at the Sunday markets. Apart from the delicious pork sandwiches and roast potatoes (which I always get), they have amazing flowers and roses...
Abbey of Sainte-Trinité (Abbaye aux dames)
Inside the Church of Saint-Pierre
Palais du Justice
Abbey of Saint-Étienne (Abbaye aux hommes)
Caen's version of the Easter show! (Foire de Pâques)
The Saint-Jean Church - or the "leaning church"
Sunny spring views from my bedroom window!
Yep! That means it's cherry blossom season!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post on the main attractions in Caen.
I'll be back with more soon!