April 23, 2015

A year abroad in France

Bonjour à tous!

In my last blog post, I was travelling around Indonesia, and now I'm living in France. It's been a while since I've posted and the last few months have been so busy that I decided to give blogging a break for a little while. Now I feel like I'm ready to get back into it and update you guys on what's been happening!

In early January, I packed my life into a suitcase (well I tried to) and embarked on an exciting new journey to live, study and work in Caen, France for 1 year. I had been preparing myself to live in France since I started university three years ago, and when the day finally came to hop on that plane, I felt nervous and anxious, yet so excited and grateful to have this opportunity. The first few weeks settling in wasn't easy, mainly because of the weather. I'm from Sydney, Australia - where the temperature is pretty much warm all year round. To go from this, to -5 degrees was quite a shock to the system. It was so cold, I couldn't even sleep some nights! But I soon acclimatised and now 23 degrees to me is so hot! Strange how our bodies just adapt after a while. Once I started university and work (where I teach English at primary schools), I fell into a routine and Caen quite quickly felt like home for me. I really like it here. Sure, it's super expensive (thanks to the euro), it's mostly cold, and the friendliness of locals can be a bit of a hit and miss, but it's turned into a city I now call home.

Since living in Caen, I've also travelled to Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro! Such beautiful countries with picturesque scenery. It's made me fall in love with Eastern Europe and I'm now planning a trip to more countries in the east soon! I'll have a photo diary coming up soon :)

But first, let me show you what my life has been like for the past four months!

Morning view from my bedroom window
You can't beat walking through a château everyday :)
My first time seeing SNOW!!
No shortage of wine in France...
Exploring the backstreets of Caen...
A slice of home in the small town of Caen :)

 Strange trees I see everywhere in Caen..
 The view from the primary school where I teach English.. Yep, it's very remote..
 Carnival!! The largest Carnival in France is held in Caen!
 I see some pretty awesome sunsets from my window...

I'll be back soon with more!