October 15, 2014

Sensitive skin: top 5 tips

Sensitive skin is a real issue for many people (up to 50% of women report having it) so dealing with it is crucial. I don't really have super sensitive skin, but my face definitely reacts immediately to harsh beauty products that are full of chemicals. I either break out or get really dry, flaky skin. To solve this problem and help keep my face looking as fresh and clean as possible,  I follow a few simple tips and use some trusty products which I'll be sharing with you guys today. 

1. Use gentle products - Always look for products that aren't full of chemicals which are going to dry out your skin or cause irritation. I love the Simple hydrating light moisturiser (pictured above) and have honestly been using this product for years. It's really light and lets my skin breath. I definitely don't think I'll be changing this moisturiser for a long time. For makeup, I love to use the Nude by Nature mineral powder - it's also very light and doesn't clog your pores like a liquid foundation does.

2. Drink plenty of water - This might not seem like an obvious one, but I've noticed that when I'm drinking a few bottles of water a day and keeping really hydrated, my skin automatically clears and brightens up. Exercising regularly and sticking to a healthy diet also goes hand-in-hand with maintaining sensitive skin.

3. Stay away from the sun - The sun can do real damage to our skin, especially when it's unprotected. To minimise these harsh effects on sensitive skin, always remember to wear sunscreen.

4. Wash your face - Not only do you want to keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of water, but you also want your face to stay hydrated. Try to wash your face twice a day with just tap water to remove all the surface dirt on your skin (don't use a facial scrub everyday as this may irritate sensitive skin). Remember to pat your skin dry gently with a soft face towel and apply moisturiser straight after to lock in hydration.

5. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse! - It's so important to remove all your makeup as soon as the day is over and get rid of all the dirt on your skin. I love using the Simple cleansing facial wipes (pictured below) for this as it gets all my makeup off really well (even slightly heavy foundation and mascara) and is so soft and gentle on sensitive skin. Next, you can use a cleansing facial wash for a deep clean then a soothing facial toner to clean up any remaining dirt from your pores.

Hope this post was helpful if you have sensitive skin to maintain!

What are some other tips you have? I'd love to know in the comments.