October 25, 2014

Indonesia photo diary

Hey guys! As you probably saw in a previous post, I travelled around Indonesia for 2 weeks visiting family and friends, and of course doing a lot of sightseeing. I went to Jakarta, Medan and Bali, and exploring these three very different cities allowed me to really see what Indonesia has to offer.

Jakarta, like any capital city, was full of energy and people! Such a buzzing city with heaps to do and see. Medan is an incredibly rural (and very green) city, so it was a nice change from Jakarta. This is the city where my mother was born, so it was more about visiting family and friends here. The last stop was Bali - my favourite city :) Bali is such a beautiful place! It's full of culture, art, life, energy and of course a lot of fun, partying, and Aussies! (seriously though, there were so many Aussie tourists that it felt like I was back at home in Sydney). 

All in all, I had an amazing trip and learned so many new things about my background. It was also really interesting to see how diverse the country is - from bustling major cities to small rural villages to seaside paradise. Hope you guys enjoy the pics!