August 13, 2014

England photo diary - Part 2 (Windsor, Bath & Stonehenge)

Hey guys! I'm back with the last photo diary for England :) (France is next!)
Here are the pics from a day tour to Windsor Castle, the Roman Baths and Stonehenge. It was really nice to get out of London for a short while and explore the surrounding cities.. It gave me a little peek of what England has to offer, and I loved it! I would say the city of Bath was my favourite. There were gorgeous views of the city from every street corner and all the apartments were of the same architectural style and stone colour - loved the consistency!

Having said that, Windsor was also a gorgeous city.. cute pubs and restaurants with a real English feel to it. And... the Queen was at Windsor Castle on the same day I went there!! The flag (which represents the Queen's presence) was flying high, which meant she was in da building!! *ghetto voice* ;)

Hope you guys enjoy the photo diary!
And stay tuned for France next!

If you haven't already, be sure to check out my last photo diary of London :)

Windsor Castle was our first stop of the day:
The Queen's flag flying high! Didn't get a chance to meet her though.. better luck next time lol

Yep. I took the typical tourist photo with the Queen's Guard. And no, he didn't laugh.. or move an inch..

 The beautiful city of Bath!
 Entering the Roman Baths:

 As you can see, the water is toxic, so we weren't allowed to touch it (unless you're fine with possibly breaking out with some sort of infection).

Stonehenge! These cute little crows were everywhere.. It made the place feel so eery!

How on earth did people thousands of years ago manage to carry and place those huge and heavy stones?! Mind-boggling mystery...

Hope you guys liked the photo diary. It was much shorter than the last one of London, because this trip was done in 1 day, but we still got to see so much!

Stay tuned for postcards from France!! My favourite country!!