August 03, 2014

England photo diary - Part 1 (London)

It's finally here! The first of many, many more photo diaries to come from adventures in England and Europe :)

I thought I'd split England up into 2 photo diaries - the first is of London only, and the second will be of Windsor, Bath and Stonehenge. It just makes it easier to digest, rather than having 100 photos all thrown into 1 blog post. I stayed a total of 8 days in London - 4 days before my Europe tour started, and another 4 days after the tour ended, before coming home. The first 4 days we explored the entire city of London (which is what you'll see in the photos in this blog post) and last 4 days we went further out and explored Windsor, Bath and Stonehenge (which will be in part 2).

So today it's all about the beautiful city of London.. No words can describe how much love I have for this city. It was without a doubt my favourite city from this whole holiday (actually.. it's tied with Paris haha). I could definitely see myself living here one day (if I'm lucky enough!). It's super easy to get around the city because they have an amazing underground/subway system known as the "Tube". Their trains are fast and efficient and stop pretty much everywhere. I used the tube A LOT when I was there. It was really busy and full of tourists (duh, it's summer there now lol), so it really felt like a holiday. The city was full of people sightseeing, taking photos, looking at maps confused, and of course doing a little retail therapy (the sales at the moment were really good!). People were friendly and locals were always willing to help and point out the best restaurants, sightseeing locations and shortcuts for getting around, which was super handy! All in all, London didn't only live up to my expectations, it surpassed it by a million. I can't wait to go back there one day soon!!

I hope you guys enjoy part 1, and stay tuned for part 2 soon :)

View from the London Eye:

 Mayfair! Loved this part of town.. so classy :)
No big deal, just a red Lamborghini parked outside...

Amazing apartments! Love the clean look..

10 Downing Street! Hello, Mr. Prime Minister ;)

The National Gallery:

Tower Bridge!

City of London School - the school of Harry Potter! (aka Daniel Radcliffe lol)

Buckingham Palace! It actually wasn't as big as I expected..

 Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace:

Harrods! Finally got to shop here..
 Went straight for the food section of course ;) haha

Oxford Circus.. it really was a circus! Super crowded...

 See what I mean.. Wow!

Back to the Tower Bridge during the last few days in London..

Shakespeare's Globe:

 Love their cute little taxis! So much leg room inside actually.. Maybe because they don't have a boot/trunk lol..

Big Ben at night.. I'm going to miss you, London!

Hope you guys enjoyed part 1! Part 2 coming soon :)

What were your favourite pics?

Have you been to London? What were your favourite places to visit?