July 30, 2014

Trend: pastel hair

So it's pretty obvious I'm addicted to Pinterest. I love seeing new trends and scrolling through the never-ending stream of street style photos or "model off-duty" outfit inspiration pics. Let's face it, it gets addictive.

But one trend which I'm loving at the moment is something a little different. It's actually pastel coloured hair. Whether it's a full head or just the tips, I think it looks pretty damn cool. I take my hat off to anyone who's brave enough to do it (and who can really pull it off). I would personally never attempt the trend because never in a million years would I ever suit pink tips, or purple tips, or any other colour for that matter, but it doesn't stop me from pinning it onto my hair and beauty board!

What are your thoughts on pastel coloured hair? Would you ever try it?

Source: all images obtained from Pinterest