June 10, 2014

China photo diary - Part 2 (Xi'an)

I'm back for Part 2 of my photo diary from China!
(Check out Part 1 - Beijing!)

After being in Beijing for a week, we travelled west, to the small city of Xi'an - home of the famous Terracotta Warriors! (sometimes even considered the 8th wonder of the world). We were here for a few days - especially to see the Warriors, but we also got to see most of what this lovely little town had to offer. It was definitely more cultural and less modernised than Beijing, which I loved. You're able to really see the real Chinese culture here, and how the locals live everyday. We visited the town centre (where they have a Drum Tower), the City Wall, the markets (plenty of wonderful souvenirs!), the Muslim Quarter (there were a lot of Chinese muslims in this town!) and of course, the Terracotta Warriors :) It was short stay, but a great one!

Xi'an Drum Tower. It rings every morning and evening to symbolise the start and end of a working day for the locals.
 Markets! My favourite part about visiting a city :) So many unique artworks and souvenirs..
 Trying fried squid! Was surprisingly delicious, but very spicy..
Walking around the busy Muslim Quarter..

Visiting the Xi'an Art Ceramics and Lacquer Factory - the largest factory in China for exporting models of the Terracotta Warriors..

 Visiting the Terracotta Warriors!!.. With our lovely tour guide :)
 Pitt 1 - The largest pitt in the complex (there are 3 all up, but they've found another 2 - it's just not open to the public yet as archaeologists are still working on them).

 Pitt 2 - second largest pitt in the complex. This is believed to be the "meeting room" or "office" and most of these warriors are missing heads.

Kneeling archer - my favourite warrior :)

 We were also lucky enough to meet the man who discovered the Terracotta Warriors!
He only makes appearances and signs autographs once a week - and it just happened to be on the day we were there! Such a humble man.. He doesn't speak English, but he smiled a lot :)

Hope you guys enjoyed Part 2 of the photo diary!
We were only in Xi'an for a few days (especially to see the Terracotta Warriors), so there weren't many photos taken, but we still has an amazing time here :)

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And as always, stay tuned for Part 3 coming very soon!
I'll bring you guys all the pics from Shanghai!