June 17, 2014

Airport bound

Good morning guys! 

Hope you're all having a great start to the week.

I'm just about to head to the airport, so I thought I'd share one last blog post before I go. In preparation for my 22 hour flight from Sydney to London, I wanted to share my outfit for the flight as well as a few travel essentials. 

Comfy (and warm) clothes are a must since it's always a little cold on the plane, and a neck pillow is perfect to help me get some sleep on those long overnight flights. Lip balm, moisturiser and a bottle of water is also essential to keep me hydrated throughout the journey. Reading a few good magazines and an interesting book is a great way to pass time, and I always make sure to update my phone with my favourite songs as well. Lastly, I can't forget all my travel documents!

I'm keen to board this flight already... Can't wait to touch down in London town :)

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Hope you enjoyed this post.. Chat to you guys soon :)