May 17, 2014

Grey leopard

It's been a week since I last posted and I'm usually more regular with my blog posts, but I've been swamped with uni assignments ever since I got back from China. I can't wait until the end of semester, where I can finally breathe a little bit and catch up on my blogging (and other important things like retail therapy - I haven't gone shopping in months!). I still need to edit the pics from China for my photo diary, which will be up on the blog soon - I promise, but bare with me for a little while...

Today I had some time to spare (I mean, it's Saturday.. who doesn't?) so I thought I'd share a quick outfit post. The dress is monochrome, so it needed a bright background to spruce it up a bit, and when I spotted this red wall, I couldn't pass it up :) This is my "lounging around the house all day doing assignments" dress. It's simple, stretchy and comfy. Pair it with a camel coloured coat, scarf and stilettos and it'll bring it up to another level. I stuck to the simple form and didn't style it up, since I stayed at home all day, but I'll let your minds do some wondering... how would you style this piece?

How would you layer this dress? 

What look would you come up with?

Let me know in the comments!

May 09, 2014


Hey guys! I'm writing to you from the sunny city of Brisbane :) I'm here for the next few days visiting my sister. Since Mother's Day is on Sunday, I thought it would be a nice gift to fly with my mum up here to spend some quality time with the family.. (but it sucks that I still have so much uni work to do while I'm here...)

I went quite preppy in this outfit post - a style which I normally never go for. I just really wanted to wear this blazer (because it had been dormant in my wardrobe for far too long) and the rest of the outfit just fell into place.. I decided to stick with the white and pink shades on the blazer, and pair it with a light and bright outfit. Super girly and preppy - I think next time I'd definitely toughen up the look with a pair of ripped jeans or sneakers.

How about you? How would you style this blazer?

May 05, 2014

Cut-out goodness

Here's a throwback to summer...
I stumbled upon these photos in the archive folder (while rugged up in bed cos it's freezing here!).
Nothing beats a casual denim skirt and cut-out top for those lazy summer days. Take me back!
Hope it's warmer where you are...

Gotta keep this post short and sweet - uni assignments wait for no-one!