April 12, 2014


Hey guys! I know I've been completely silent the past week, but my uni workload has been packed with assignments and exams... Thankfully most of them are over now...
On the bright side, however, I've got some awesome news!! I'm heading to China tonight for a 2 week holiday! Since it's my mid-semester break right now, I thought I'd grab the opportunity to travel. I always like to go somewhere I've never been before, every 3 months or so (especially when I have the time). It keeps me feeling alive, refreshed and motivated.

I'm heading to Beijing, Xian and Shanghai for 2 weeks, and I couldn't be more excited! I've always wanted to walk the Great Wall, see the Terracotta Warriors.. and of course who wouldn't love the hustle-bustle of Shanghai :) Unfortunately, it means that I won't be posting anything until I return.. but as always, there will definitely be a photo diary (or three) of my adventure there! 

Now onto today's post - monochrome! (yes, I'm still loving monochrome...) I can definitely feel winter coming.. nights have been colder than usual, and days are feeling crisp (and the rain has been creeping in!) You can't go wrong with some leather pants and big knit to keep you warm, so that's what I went with :) 

Hope you guys have a great weekend! Talk to you all in 2 weeks!

I'll be posting on Instagram and Twitter regularly, so if you'd like to stay up-to-date with my adventures in China, be sure to follow me :)

What I wore:
Jumper: similar here and here
Pants: Mossman - similar here and here
Shoes: Toms