March 25, 2014

New Caledonia photo diary - Part 1

So I'm well and truly back from paradise now, and stuck into a huge load of uni work... But it definitely felt really good to just getaway from everything, even though it was only for 4 days. As you may already know, my birthday was last week and my beautiful mother surprised me with a trip to New Caledonia for my present! She's the best mum ever :)

I was so excited to go because I'd never travelled to any islands in the pacific, and I've never really been anywhere purely to relax and lay by the beach all day. I've always travelled to busy, bustling cities where I wore a pair of sneakers, carried a back-pack and a map, and was on the go all day. So this trip was nice because it was something a little different - and it was super relaxing!

The French culture and influence was obvious from the minute we landed. Everybody spoke fluent French and only a handful of people spoke a little English, so it was a perfect opportunity for me to practice my French speaking skills... and I did! I managed to get around easily and chat with some locals. After only 4 days, I was surprised with how much easier it got. The city itself was so pretty and clean, and there were dozens of bakeries with every second person walking past carrying baguettes (it may sound stereotypical, but that's really how life is over there!) You sometimes feel like you're in France haha.. The locals were so friendly and helpful... and everyone had smiles on their faces! Such a welcoming city :)

I've put together my usual photo diary for you guys to get a taste of what Noumea is all about :) I hope you all enjoy it, and make sure to stay tuned for Part 2 later this week!

What were your favourite moments from these photos? 
Have you ever been to New Caledonia or any other Pacific Islands? 
Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Arriving at Tontouta airport in Noumea!

Inside the hotel room :)

I noticed that they drive on the other side of the road! I guess they follow the European way (since they're under French influence). It was strange at first, and I kept looking the wrong way when I wanted to cross the road haha.. took a while to get used to!

We stayed at Le Lagon - such a great hotel with the friendliest staff. And it was only a minute away from the beach!

Photos in and around the City Centre:

 No city is complete without a Chinatown :)

These cute trains take you around the city and surrounding tourist hot-spots. And there are so many Australians that visit Noumea (mostly on cruise ships), that they even put our flag up! :)

A few more photos of our hotel :)

Picture perfect. Every evening, we went for a short walk down to the beach, ate some ice-cream and watched the sunset. Great way to end each day :)

I hope you guys enjoyed this photo diary!

There are some stunning photos of the beaches and surrounding islands in the next post, so stay tuned for Part 2!