March 29, 2014

In amongst the leaves

Happy Saturday! Hope you're all having a fab start to the weekend :)

The weather here has done a 180 degree turn, and has been non-stop raining the past week. So instead of attempting to take an outfit photo for today, I've decided to whip up some old pics I took a few weeks ago (when the sun was out).
Not going to lie - this is probably the most casual outfit I've ever worn on the blog before.. lol. But when I saw this wall full of gorgeous bright green leaves, I had to stop and take some photos. Oh, the treasures you find in your neighbourhood when you're not looking!

Anyway, I guess it's back to my busy day of uni assignments.. fun..

What I wore:
Top: Dotti
Shorts: VJ Style
Sunglasses: Markets in Bali (similar here)