January 31, 2014

Kick start

There's no denying sneakers have already become, and will continue to be, the biggest shoe trend this year... thankfully! (I've never been much of a heel-lover). I mean, who doesn't love comfort and style rolled into a shoe that'll instantly make you look polished yet chic?

And what I love the most about sneakers this season, is that there are no rules to styling them. I've seen them with gowns (Chanel SS14 Haute Couture), jeans and a t-shirt, dresses (especially love them with shift dresses), tailored pants, fluted skirts, coats... the list goes on...

It doesn't matter whether they're lace-ups, slip-ons, leopard print or monochrome, you need to have a pair (or three) in your wardrobe immediately. I guarantee you'll be wearing them for months to come - I know I definitely will! Sneakers have become my second skin.

Here are some of my favourite sneakers to help kick start 2014!

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