October 25, 2014

Indonesia photo diary

Hey guys! As you probably saw in a previous post, I travelled around Indonesia for 2 weeks visiting family and friends, and of course doing a lot of sightseeing. I went to Jakarta, Medan and Bali, and exploring these three very different cities allowed me to really see what Indonesia has to offer.

Jakarta, like any capital city, was full of energy and people! Such a buzzing city with heaps to do and see. Medan is an incredibly rural (and very green) city, so it was a nice change from Jakarta. This is the city where my mother was born, so it was more about visiting family and friends here. The last stop was Bali - my favourite city :) Bali is such a beautiful place! It's full of culture, art, life, energy and of course a lot of fun, partying, and Aussies! (seriously though, there were so many Aussie tourists that it felt like I was back at home in Sydney). 

All in all, I had an amazing trip and learned so many new things about my background. It was also really interesting to see how diverse the country is - from bustling major cities to small rural villages to seaside paradise. Hope you guys enjoy the pics!

October 22, 2014

Summer skin: Vaseline Australia

Summer is around the corner and that means wearing a whole lot of shorts, singlets and of course... bikinis! We're all going to be showing quite a bit of skin in the season ahead so it's important to keep it soft, hydrated, moisturised and looking radiant.

Now I know a lot of people usually reach straight for the natural tan body moisturisers that give a bronzed look after a few applications, but I've found them to be quite orange on my skin (which is naturally very white). I also wanted a body moisturiser that I could use daily with no build-up tanning effect, but rather leave a natural glow on my skin.

So, I picked up the new Vaseline cocoa glow body moisturiser and absolutely love it. It smells heavenly and is super absorbent, which comes in handy when you're in a rush to get dressed (as I always am). It's also great value for money because just one pump of this lotion pretty much covers my whole leg - impressive! It also didn't leave any greasy texture on the skin and I could still smell it on me at the end of the day! Smooth summer skin, here I come ;)

October 19, 2014

Sequin shorts

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend :) I'm ready to tackle another busy week ahead tomorrow! But I'm neck-deep in assignments so I'm keeping this post short and sweet today. I decided to finally whip out these sequin shorts - I bought them about 6 months ago, but have never worn them (story of my life with most of the clothes in my wardrobe lol). I love the lace detailing on the hemline.. and the sequins really take the shorts up a notch - it can be easily styled down for a daytime look or perfect for a night out.. I can't wait to pair these shorts with a crop top and some heels! And yes, I'm working on my tan... just need some free time to head to the beach more..

October 16, 2014

Ocean stripes

A few weeks ago my family and I took a trip to Bondi Icebergs for lunch. I've been wanting to try this place out for a long time since I've heard really good reviews on it. So glad I finally went! What an amazing spot. Perfect views of Bondi beach on a clear (but cold) day while getting stuck into some seriously delicious seafood. As you're about to see in the photos below, the quality of their food is amazing - it's full of flavour, displayed beautifully and very satisfying! This is definitely a restaurant I'd come back to. Sipping on cocktails on a warm summer's afternoon - yep, sounds like heaven. Oh, and I though it would be fitting to wear blue (you know... to match the ocean and all) ;)

October 15, 2014

Sensitive skin: top 5 tips

Sensitive skin is a real issue for many people (up to 50% of women report having it) so dealing with it is crucial. I don't really have super sensitive skin, but my face definitely reacts immediately to harsh beauty products that are full of chemicals. I either break out or get really dry, flaky skin. To solve this problem and help keep my face looking as fresh and clean as possible,  I follow a few simple tips and use some trusty products which I'll be sharing with you guys today. 

October 12, 2014

Balmoral Breeze

A lazy Sunday having brunch by the beach in Balmoral.. now there's a tongue twister!
Had to reach for my trusty jeans and sweater combination again.. but adding a pop of red :)

Now the rest of my night is left to do uni assignments :(
Hope you all had a good weekend!

October 09, 2014

Taking care of your hair: top 5 tips

So if you haven't already noticed, I have quite thick, long hair. For the most part, I love it. But it also means that managing my locks takes a bit of work. Luckily, I don't actually do much to my hair and I try to keep it as natural as possible - I hardly straighten or curl my hair, I never tease it, and I've only ever dyed my hair once! I feel that keeping my hair as natural as possible is the reason why I've been lucky enough to have long hair that's also soft. But that doesn't mean I don't need a little help from some hair products. I love experimenting with different shampoos, conditioners and hair oils and treatments as they help to lock in the moisture and maintain a healthy look. 

I recently had a look through Sunsilk's new collection by Teddy Charles, a world-renowned hair stylist who's bringing his expertise from New York to Australia. He's collaborated with Sunsilk to create a few ranges of shampoos and conditioners to suit different hair types.

October 07, 2014

Mini skirt: day to night (+ discount code!)

There's nothing like a versatile fluted skirt to help you transition easily from a pretty day outfit to a night out on the town. Since the weather is finally warming up in Sydney, I thought it was about time to start planning my summer wardrobe with a few staple pieces that can be worked into any occasion.

This gorgeous skirt from Missy Stella is the perfect addition to any summer wardrobe. I love the soft neoprene-like fabric and the added detail of the zips. The flared shape adds a subtle feminine touch and you can play it down with a pair of sneakers, or add a pair of heels to play it up. I also find fluted style skirts to be really flattering on most body types since they're not overbearingly tight or hugging all your curves. So, since I'm all about versatility, I thought I'd show you guys one of the many ways I would style this skirt to take you from day to night - and sticking to a theme of monochrome with a pop of leopard. Hope you enjoy it :) Let me know how you would style this trend in the comments below!

Also, thanks to the team at Missy Stella, all of you lovely readers can get a 20% discount from their store! Just use the code "thinkwearstyle" at the checkout! 
Offer valid until 31 October 2014.

September 23, 2014

Landed in Jakarta, Indonesia!

I've landed in my homeland! Well, my mother's homeland...

My mother and I are travelling around Indonesia for the next two weeks. She's always wanted to show me her roots and where she came from, and I've always wanted to learn about her life before moving to Sydney, so since it's my uni break, it's a perfect opportunity to do so! 

We landed in Jakarta on Saturday morning and have been doing heaps of sightseeing. We visited my mother's old high school, and even managed to track down her old house! She's told me so many stories about her childhood in that home and it was crazy to physically be standing in front of it. Amazing to see how far she's come as well.. what a journey!

After Jakarta, we're flying to Medan - the city where she was born. Here, we'll track down her old primary school and the home where she was born and raised for the first 15 years of her life. Another amazing experience.. really looking forward to seeing her birthplace.

Then after Medan, we're flying to Bali to spend the last days of our holiday relaxing by the beach and drinking Bintang... like typical tourists haha.. Bali is really just to end the holiday on a fun note and have a few days to unwind.

Apologies in advance for the lack of posts in the next two weeks - who knows when I can get WIFI that's actually fast enough to blog! haha.. but I'll try my best :)

Hope you're all having a great start to the week!

September 15, 2014

1 piece, 3 ways: the button-up shirt

I've been a little obsessed with button-up shirts lately. Long sleeves, collars, pinstripes, or even a soft checkered print - I love them all. Although they've always been a timeless and era-proof essential (especially for your work wardrobe), button-ups have become quite popular out of the office as well. I love how versatile these shirts are - pair it with tailored pants or a pencil skirt for a day in the office, or change it up on the weekend with some boyfriend jeans and sneakers. It's all about the effortless vibe, and these button-up shirts are king for making you look polished and put-together, no matter the occasion.

The team over at Hawes & Curtis know all too well about the perfect fit for a button-up shirt. They have a wide range of women's office and fashion shirts in every possible colour and pattern, and with a true British style that's sleek and smart. They also offer free shipping and free returns for Australia! What's not to love about that? ;)

September 08, 2014

Clear skin essentials

Hey guys, hope you all had a great weekend :) These days just seem to fly by! Another Monday has gone, and work keeps piling up... I've been super busy the past week preparing for mid semester uni exams, so apologies for not posting regularly :(

Can you believe it's SPRING already?! I'm so excited for the weather to start warming up, I've had enough of this cold wind and heavy rainfall everyday! Looking forward to sunnier days ahead :)

Today I have some amazing beauty products to show you guys! As you probably already know, I'm not a huge fan of make-up and I love to keep my skin as natural as possible. I'm always on the hunt for new and exciting products to keep my skin looking clear and fresh, while still being gentle. I've found three products recently, which have worked wonders for my skin:
1. Dermalogica Clear Start - Pore Control Scrub
2. Dermalogica Clear Start - Overnight Treatment
3. Kosmea - Facial Cleansing Wipes

August 28, 2014

Sweater season

Sweater season is here! Well, it's been here for quite a while now, but I'm loving the transeasonal weather we've been having in Sydney lately. Spring is nearly here!

A simple, comfortable and borderline preppy outfit for today. I love when shirts and collars peek out of jumpers - it makes a casual outfit look more clean and put together. And the combination of black, white and denim can never go wrong! Just add a bit of edge with some metal cap booties and you're good to go :)

Hope you're all having a fab week!

August 26, 2014

Winter beauty essential: rose hip oil

It seems like this rain is never ending.. and even though Spring is just around the corner, it still feels like we're stuck in the thick of winter! Colder months usually mean dry skin season in the beauty books, but I've found the perfect solution!

I've always been a fan of rose hip oil, and I've been using it regularly for the past few years, but I love mixing it up and trying a new brand every now and then. Some brands have caused my skin to break out and others have moisturised and cleared my skin. I guess it all depends on finding the right product for your skin type.

This time, I've tested out Kosmea certified organic rose hip oil. I've been using it for the past few days, and I'm loving it! I'd definitely say that a little goes a long way with this product. I have naturally oily skin, so I only use a few small drops (one on each cheek, forehead and nose) and it works really well. It moisturises my skin without making it too oily (usually causing me to break out), and it's quite light, which I love. I use it before going to bed at night, and in the morning my skin feel super soft. Oh, and it smells great too!

Overall, I'd definitely recommend it. Rose hip oil of any kind is always great for your skin, especially in colder months where skin tends to get on the dry side. The best part is that you can test out Kosmea rose hip oil for yourself for as little as $12.95!

Hope you guys enjoy the photos :) Beware: I'm not wearing any makeup! haha

August 24, 2014

Bonfire Candles

A weekend delivery that's too good not to share with you all!
I received my very first Bonfire candle the other day, and boy, am I in love with the scent! I ordered the Sweet Slice fragrance - a pleasant mix of butterscotch and sweet vanilla wafers. If only you could smell it through the screen! There's really nothing better than getting cosy on a lazy Sunday, watching movies and burning a sweet Bonfire candle.. Heaven!

Bonfire Candle Co. is a local Sydney-based company (created by my sister!) specialising in amazing soy scented candles. Not only are they all made from 100% natural soy and other ingredients, but they're also hand poured right here in Sydney! So you know you're getting quality poured into every jar. And how gorgeous is the packaging?! 

To find out more, and take a look at the complete range of candles on offer, check out their website: www.bonfirecandleco.com

Don't forget to also follow their Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages for updates on new fragrances!

August 22, 2014

#PickMeUpNova - Mercedes SLG AMG!

Hey guys! Had to share this with you all... too exciting not to!

Over the weekend, I had the best taxi ride of my life - I got picked up in a Mercedes SLG AMG! Thanks to the team at Nova and Fitzy & Wippa, I was the lucky last customer chosen to take a ride in one of the world's most expensive taxis.. What a beauty. With a price tag of $500,000 and an engine that sounded like it could tear up the streets, who wouldn't want to be chauffeured in this amazing beast!? Thanks Nova!

August 13, 2014

England photo diary - Part 2 (Windsor, Bath & Stonehenge)

Hey guys! I'm back with the last photo diary for England :) (France is next!)
Here are the pics from a day tour to Windsor Castle, the Roman Baths and Stonehenge. It was really nice to get out of London for a short while and explore the surrounding cities.. It gave me a little peek of what England has to offer, and I loved it! I would say the city of Bath was my favourite. There were gorgeous views of the city from every street corner and all the apartments were of the same architectural style and stone colour - loved the consistency!

Having said that, Windsor was also a gorgeous city.. cute pubs and restaurants with a real English feel to it. And... the Queen was at Windsor Castle on the same day I went there!! The flag (which represents the Queen's presence) was flying high, which meant she was in da building!! *ghetto voice* ;)

Hope you guys enjoy the photo diary!
And stay tuned for France next!

If you haven't already, be sure to check out my last photo diary of London :)

August 06, 2014

Off the shoulder

Here's a bit of mid-week outfit inspiration :)

I'm loving all things off the shoulder at the moment, and it's actually a first for me.. I've never really been a big fan of this look in the past, but I've seen it done in so many different ways (bohemian, casual, classy, trendy etc.), that it's actually making me want to try it out! My favourite look would have to be an off the shoulder LBD - sophisticated and perfect for a night out.

What's your favourite off the shoulder style? Casual? Classy?

August 03, 2014

England photo diary - Part 1 (London)

It's finally here! The first of many, many more photo diaries to come from adventures in England and Europe :)

I thought I'd split England up into 2 photo diaries - the first is of London only, and the second will be of Windsor, Bath and Stonehenge. It just makes it easier to digest, rather than having 100 photos all thrown into 1 blog post. I stayed a total of 8 days in London - 4 days before my Europe tour started, and another 4 days after the tour ended, before coming home. The first 4 days we explored the entire city of London (which is what you'll see in the photos in this blog post) and last 4 days we went further out and explored Windsor, Bath and Stonehenge (which will be in part 2).

July 31, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Found these photos in my archives yesterday and realised I haven't posted them on the blog yet. So today's Throwback Thursday is to January of this year. I actually remember this day - I went shopping for some new season summer clothes and boy, was it hot! The sun was burning onto my skin and it probably took about 2 minutes to take these photos lol.. Then I was back in the air-conditioned shopping mall ;) Oh, what I would give for some summer weather right now (as I'm writing this post in bed with the electric blanket switched on to the maximum). But the past few days in Sydney have actually been quite warm, which I'm loving. I hope it stays that way :)

Anyway, hope you're all having a great week!

By the way, I'm still working on those photo diaries from Europe.. Stay tuned!

July 30, 2014

Trend: pastel hair

So it's pretty obvious I'm addicted to Pinterest. I love seeing new trends and scrolling through the never-ending stream of street style photos or "model off-duty" outfit inspiration pics. Let's face it, it gets addictive.

But one trend which I'm loving at the moment is something a little different. It's actually pastel coloured hair. Whether it's a full head or just the tips, I think it looks pretty damn cool. I take my hat off to anyone who's brave enough to do it (and who can really pull it off). I would personally never attempt the trend because never in a million years would I ever suit pink tips, or purple tips, or any other colour for that matter, but it doesn't stop me from pinning it onto my hair and beauty board!

What are your thoughts on pastel coloured hair? Would you ever try it?

July 29, 2014

Back to hitting the books

Yep, as you can probably guess by the title of this post, today was the first day back at uni. Unfortunately. So I went for a comfy, casual look today.. what's new, hey? haha..
It didn't really feel like I had much of a break because I just got back from Europe a few days ago. Nevertheless, it was good catching up with everyone and filling them in on my recent travel adventures! 1 more semester to go until another year of uni is over! #letsdothis!

July 28, 2014

White and wine

Today I thought I'd share an outfit post that was actually shot before I left for my holiday. A chilly Sunday by the beach having brunch with family.. Winter in Sydney isn't so bad sometimes ;)

Hope you're all having a good weekend! And stay tuned, my England photo diary will be up very soon :)

July 26, 2014

Chanel fall 2014 campaign

Feast your eyes on the new ad campaign for the #normcore collection by Karl Lagerfeld. It really brings out the whole "girl power" attitude by choosing a boxing ring as the backdrop. It's different... but it works! And of course, in true Chanel style, lifting weights and running around the track has to be done in a Chanel's iconic tweet suits and sneakers.

July 25, 2014

Home, sweet home

I'm back from my European adventure! 

Wow. It was one of the best holidays I've had so far. I just landed and I'm already having withdrawals lol.. I want to go back! It's amazing to have seen so much of western Europe in such a short amount of time. Every day was a 6am wake up call and a 7am start and although it was pretty tiring at times, I wouldn't have had it any other way. The summer days in Europe are so long and the sun doesn't set until 9.30-10pm (which was a little strange for me at first), but it also meant that I wasn't going to bed until at least midnight every night. I guess you could say I really made the most of my days! I got to travel to so many cities and see so many beautiful sights.. when I look back, it was as if it happened in the blink on an eye. But thankfully I have tonnes of photos to help re-live those amazing memories :) And I'll be sharing them with you guys throughout the next few weeks!

June 16, 2014

My Great European Tour 2014!

So as I've previously mentioned, I have some very exciting travel related news to share! 
I know, the title of this post pretty much gives it away, but I couldn't help myself! During my mid-year break, I'll be going on a Great European Tour!! And I'm leaving TOMORROW!!!

I'm super excited for this trip because I've always wanted to go to Europe (I'll save the Eastern Europe tour for next year), and I've heard so many fun stories and amazing memories from friends around me, I just wanted to board the plane and see what it's all about! I booked this tour towards the end of last year and I've been counting down the days ever since haha..

I'm visiting 9 countries in total: England, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Amsterdam, and I'll be passing through Belgium on the way home. I've included the map of my itinerary below. Click here to find all the details about the tour I'm taking.

Since I won't be taking my laptop with me, this obviously means that I won't be blogging for a while (around 6 weeks actually). I know, I know, I literally just got back from China and took a few weeks off blogging when uni exams kicked in and now I'm off again, but this world is just too exciting and what can I say, I've got the travel bug!

Although I won't be writing on the blog, I'll still be updating you guys with pics on my Twitter and Instagram, so be sure to follow me for your daily dose of European sunshine!

June 15, 2014

Review: Mallzee - Personal shopper in your pocket

Hey guys! Hope you're all having a great weekend :)

For today's post, I want to share an app I recently came across - Mallzee. You may already use it or have heard of it, but if you haven't then you have to try it out! It's pretty much as the title says: a personal shopper in your pocket, and since we're all lovers of fashion (and certainly shopping), I thought you guys would be interested.

June 13, 2014

China photo diary - Part 3 (Shanghai)

The last city I visited while in China was Shanghai - and what a great way to end the trip! I absolutely loved Shanghai. As you can imagine, it was very modernised and westernised and it had a distinct sense of glamour. The nightlife was especially amazing and it reminded me of Hong Kong actually (although Hong Kong's skyline was around triple the length of Shanghai's.. lol..). Despite it being a really vibrant and buzzing city, I felt it was much more relaxed than Beijing. It seems as if Beijing is all work and business, and Shanghai is more play. It was a really nice way to slowly wind down, relax and get ready for the long trip back home (...and sadly, back to reality).

I hope you guys enjoy this last photo diary from China! I'd love to know what your favourite parts were, or the places you thought looked most interesting - just leave a comment and let me know!

See more pics:
Part 1 - Beijing - Great Wall of China!
Part 2 - Xi'an - Terracotta Warriors!

June 10, 2014

China photo diary - Part 2 (Xi'an)

I'm back for Part 2 of my photo diary from China!
(Check out Part 1 - Beijing!)

After being in Beijing for a week, we travelled west, to the small city of Xi'an - home of the famous Terracotta Warriors! (sometimes even considered the 8th wonder of the world). We were here for a few days - especially to see the Warriors, but we also got to see most of what this lovely little town had to offer. It was definitely more cultural and less modernised than Beijing, which I loved. You're able to really see the real Chinese culture here, and how the locals live everyday. We visited the town centre (where they have a Drum Tower), the City Wall, the markets (plenty of wonderful souvenirs!), the Muslim Quarter (there were a lot of Chinese muslims in this town!) and of course, the Terracotta Warriors :) It was short stay, but a great one!

June 07, 2014

China photo diary - Part 1 (Beijing)

Hey guys!
So, as promised, Part 1 of my photo diary from China is finally here!

I've decided to split this series of photo diaries into 3 posts - Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai. These were the 3 cities I visited while in China, also known as the "golden triangle".

Needless to say, I had an absolute blast in China! I honestly didn't even expect to enjoy it as much as I did (especially because I still had to complete uni assignments while overseas), and it's safe to say that I'd definitely want to visit China again one day. From the moment I landed in Beijing, it was obvious that this was a really developed country. There were high-rise apartments, offices, shopping centres, and subway stations on every corner and the roads were so huge! Most of them had overhead bridges for pedestrians, so that meant a lot of exercise! lol.. The people were also so friendly, they always had smiles on their faces and never hesitated to help us out when we were a little lost. In Beijing, there was tonnes of sightseeing to do, but thankfully their subway system works super efficiently so getting around this massive city was quite easy. Still, I don't think I've ever walked so much in my life before. My feet needed a massage at the end of every day! haha.. Nevertheless, Beijing was an amazing city to say the least. Now, let's get into the photos!

June 06, 2014

Stuck at the office

Well, hello everyone!!! 

Wow, it feels good to be back! I think the last time I posted was just over 2 weeks ago, and boy, have they been the busiest 2 weeks of my life. Uni assignments and exams were looming, and unfortunately that meant blogging had to take the backseat for a short while. It's not all over yet though! I actually still have 1 more week of uni left until I can officially go on my break (I'm counting down the days!).

I've also finished editing all the photos from my recent trip to China, and I'll be publishing them throughout next week, so stay tuned!!
(And I have some exciting travel news to share next week as well!)

Since I was stuck at my desk for the past couple of weeks, I thought a great way to get back into blogging would be to share with you guys some Pinterest-worthy home office/workspace/study room decor inspo! I wish my study room looked this good...

If you're keen to see more, follow my Pinterest board!

May 17, 2014

Grey leopard

It's been a week since I last posted and I'm usually more regular with my blog posts, but I've been swamped with uni assignments ever since I got back from China. I can't wait until the end of semester, where I can finally breathe a little bit and catch up on my blogging (and other important things like retail therapy - I haven't gone shopping in months!). I still need to edit the pics from China for my photo diary, which will be up on the blog soon - I promise, but bare with me for a little while...

Today I had some time to spare (I mean, it's Saturday.. who doesn't?) so I thought I'd share a quick outfit post. The dress is monochrome, so it needed a bright background to spruce it up a bit, and when I spotted this red wall, I couldn't pass it up :) This is my "lounging around the house all day doing assignments" dress. It's simple, stretchy and comfy. Pair it with a camel coloured coat, scarf and stilettos and it'll bring it up to another level. I stuck to the simple form and didn't style it up, since I stayed at home all day, but I'll let your minds do some wondering... how would you style this piece?

How would you layer this dress? 

What look would you come up with?

Let me know in the comments!

May 09, 2014


Hey guys! I'm writing to you from the sunny city of Brisbane :) I'm here for the next few days visiting my sister. Since Mother's Day is on Sunday, I thought it would be a nice gift to fly with my mum up here to spend some quality time with the family.. (but it sucks that I still have so much uni work to do while I'm here...)

I went quite preppy in this outfit post - a style which I normally never go for. I just really wanted to wear this blazer (because it had been dormant in my wardrobe for far too long) and the rest of the outfit just fell into place.. I decided to stick with the white and pink shades on the blazer, and pair it with a light and bright outfit. Super girly and preppy - I think next time I'd definitely toughen up the look with a pair of ripped jeans or sneakers.

How about you? How would you style this blazer?

May 05, 2014

Cut-out goodness

Here's a throwback to summer...
I stumbled upon these photos in the archive folder (while rugged up in bed cos it's freezing here!).
Nothing beats a casual denim skirt and cut-out top for those lazy summer days. Take me back!
Hope it's warmer where you are...

Gotta keep this post short and sweet - uni assignments wait for no-one!

April 30, 2014

Cardigan season

Hey guys, I'm back!!!

I had the most amazing time in China, and I honestly didn't want to come home. It was sooo much fun! I'm hoping to get the photo diaries up soon, but I'm flat out with uni now so hopefully part 1 will be up by the end of next week. I'll chat all about my travels around China in my photo diary blog post, but for today, I thought I'd get back into the outfit posts. Winter is definitely coming faster than I thought. It was freezing in China, and Sydney is no different. All the knits and cardigans are coming out! This is one of my favourite cardigans and I bought it around 2 years ago lol.. But it's such a staple piece, and a cool colour, so I can't get rid of it yet. I felt like pairing it with a dress since the sun was still shining. I love the floral lace detailing on the hem and the cutouts on the sides - they add a unique touch, which I'm always looking for. Finish off with some sunnies and a simple pair of sandals. A great polished daytime look :)

April 12, 2014


Hey guys! I know I've been completely silent the past week, but my uni workload has been packed with assignments and exams... Thankfully most of them are over now...
On the bright side, however, I've got some awesome news!! I'm heading to China tonight for a 2 week holiday! Since it's my mid-semester break right now, I thought I'd grab the opportunity to travel. I always like to go somewhere I've never been before, every 3 months or so (especially when I have the time). It keeps me feeling alive, refreshed and motivated.

I'm heading to Beijing, Xian and Shanghai for 2 weeks, and I couldn't be more excited! I've always wanted to walk the Great Wall, see the Terracotta Warriors.. and of course who wouldn't love the hustle-bustle of Shanghai :) Unfortunately, it means that I won't be posting anything until I return.. but as always, there will definitely be a photo diary (or three) of my adventure there! 

Now onto today's post - monochrome! (yes, I'm still loving monochrome...) I can definitely feel winter coming.. nights have been colder than usual, and days are feeling crisp (and the rain has been creeping in!) You can't go wrong with some leather pants and big knit to keep you warm, so that's what I went with :) 

Hope you guys have a great weekend! Talk to you all in 2 weeks!

I'll be posting on Instagram and Twitter regularly, so if you'd like to stay up-to-date with my adventures in China, be sure to follow me :)

April 04, 2014

Summer style

We're well into Autumn now in Sydney, but some days it feels just like summer. Gotta love Aussie weather :) I had a day full of errands yesterday, so I went for yet another practical and simple look. I feel like I'm doing that a lot lately. I haven't had the time to put much effort into outfits these days.. too busy! Well at least this top is pretty cute. I don't usually wear much pink, but I liked the pattern on this cami.. I think it'll look great tucked into a high-waisted skirt for a night out... Have to try that one ;)

Anyway, I'm going to keep this post short and sweet, because I have a massive pile of uni assignments to get done in a ridiculously short amount of time. And I have to study for exams next week.. ughhhh.. Wish me luck!

Hope you're all having a great Friday night!
#TGIF! Wooo!

March 31, 2014

A pop of leopard

I'm so excited to show you guys my new favourite shoes! Yes, the slip-on sneaker trend has been around for many months now, but I still can't get over them. I'm in love. Seriously. I got these beauties for a birthday present last week, and I've been wearing them non-stop. My Toms and Converses have received a much-need break. They go really well with my everyday uni/work attire, despite them having a loud leopard print. I thought they'd be more of a statement shoe that you'd wear with black, white and grey, but I've found that they actually compliment a lot of colours, like cobalt blue in this case. I'm keen to experiment with more shades! And I love the chunky platform... it adds an extra inch to my height ;)

Other items on high rotation also include these gorgeous jewellery pieces from Born Pretty.
I was recently sent this gold chain necklace, silver pyramid bracelet and silver irregular ring, and I absolutely love them! They're really good quality, super affordable, and definitely staple items for any jewellery collection. They also add a great finishing touch to an outfit, especially this chain necklace - I pair it with simple t-shirts to add just a hint of glam :) And who says you can't mix silver and gold? I've been doing it quite a bit lately - sometimes because I can't decide which to go for, and other times because I just think it looks cool.. either way, I think it works! 

As a special offer for you guys, Born Pretty has decided to give all readers a 10% discount! Now you can beat the Monday blues with some online shopping... just use the code "TKT10" at the checkout to receive the discount! They have thousands of cool items, from jewellery and accessories, to makeup and apparel. And they're really affordable! Happy shopping :)

March 29, 2014

In amongst the leaves

Happy Saturday! Hope you're all having a fab start to the weekend :)

The weather here has done a 180 degree turn, and has been non-stop raining the past week. So instead of attempting to take an outfit photo for today, I've decided to whip up some old pics I took a few weeks ago (when the sun was out).
Not going to lie - this is probably the most casual outfit I've ever worn on the blog before.. lol. But when I saw this wall full of gorgeous bright green leaves, I had to stop and take some photos. Oh, the treasures you find in your neighbourhood when you're not looking!

Anyway, I guess it's back to my busy day of uni assignments.. fun..

March 27, 2014

New Caledonia photo diary - Part 2

Hey guys! Hope you're all having a great week.. It's nearly Friday! Hang in there ;)

I'm back with Part 2 of my trip to Noumea, and this time, there are plenty more photos of gorgeous sunsets and bright blue waters :)

If you haven't seen Part 1 yet, then you should definitely check it out here!

Hope you enjoy the photo diary, and I'll see y'all soon in an outfit post soon :)

March 25, 2014

New Caledonia photo diary - Part 1

So I'm well and truly back from paradise now, and stuck into a huge load of uni work... But it definitely felt really good to just getaway from everything, even though it was only for 4 days. As you may already know, my birthday was last week and my beautiful mother surprised me with a trip to New Caledonia for my present! She's the best mum ever :)

I was so excited to go because I'd never travelled to any islands in the pacific, and I've never really been anywhere purely to relax and lay by the beach all day. I've always travelled to busy, bustling cities where I wore a pair of sneakers, carried a back-pack and a map, and was on the go all day. So this trip was nice because it was something a little different - and it was super relaxing!

The French culture and influence was obvious from the minute we landed. Everybody spoke fluent French and only a handful of people spoke a little English, so it was a perfect opportunity for me to practice my French speaking skills... and I did! I managed to get around easily and chat with some locals. After only 4 days, I was surprised with how much easier it got. The city itself was so pretty and clean, and there were dozens of bakeries with every second person walking past carrying baguettes (it may sound stereotypical, but that's really how life is over there!) You sometimes feel like you're in France haha.. The locals were so friendly and helpful... and everyone had smiles on their faces! Such a welcoming city :)

I've put together my usual photo diary for you guys to get a taste of what Noumea is all about :) I hope you all enjoy it, and make sure to stay tuned for Part 2 later this week!

What were your favourite moments from these photos? 
Have you ever been to New Caledonia or any other Pacific Islands? 
Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

March 23, 2014

Double denim & sneakers

This weekend has been nothing short of hot! It definitely doesn't feel like we're drifting away from Summer and into Autumn. But hey, who's complaining?! When you get clear blue skies, sunshine and 30 degree weather, it's time to pull out those denim shorts and soak up the sun :)

Sadly for me, I didn't have a lot of time to enjoy the sunshine as most of my weekend was spent indoors doing uni assignments. It's going to be a busy couple of weeks ahead! And on a side note, I'm still in the process of editing the photos from my New Caledonia holiday, so bare with me :) The photo diary will definitely be up early next week.

Hope you're all having a great weekend!

March 18, 2014

A birthday with a view

Hey guys! So I'm back from New Caledonia, and boy did I have a great time! It was pure paradise. It's such a beautiful place, with so many friendly people and stunning beaches. I can't wait to share my photo diary with you all later this week, so stay tuned! :)

But now onto today's post.. I'm sure you can tell by the title that today was no ordinary day for me.. It was my 20th birthday! They say that entering your 20s is a great time because it's going to be the best decade of your life.. (let's hope so!). I feel like I've achieved everything I've set out to so far with uni, work, travel and even in my personal life. I feel like my life just gets better and better with every year that passes. I'm so thankful, blessed and fortunate to have everything I do right now - a beautiful family, amazing friends, and even the simple things like a roof over my head. For the first time in a while, I feel content. I feel like I have a plan - I have goals, I have dreams, and I'm learning more and more about the kind of person I want to be and the things I want to pursue in the future. Am I sounding too young and naive? Maybe. But it's been working for me so far! 

Apologies for getting a bit deep there, but sometimes it helps to just reflect and write out your thoughts (even if the whole world can see them.. ah, the beauty of the Internet). Here's to another year older and another year wiser!

Hope you're all having a great start to the week!

March 12, 2014

Red door

Happy Hump Day! 

It's actually a pretty good hump day for me, since I'm leaving for New Caledonia tomorrow! I can't wait to explore the island, practice my French with the locals, and sit by the beach sipping cocktails :) I'm staying in a hotel in Nouméa (capital of New Caledonia), right next to the beach, so I'm looking forward to a relaxing 4 days ahead! (Which also means I won't be uploading any blog posts until Monday).

Can't wait to share my photo diary with you guys when I get back!

On to today's outfit... We've been blessed in Sydney lately with great weather, you wouldn't even be able to tell that Autumn is well under way. So I decided to take the opportunity to pull out my favourite staple dress of the season and of course a pair of reflector sunnies to embrace the sunshine :) By the way, how cool is this red door I found?! I think it makes for a pretty interesting background ;)

I've gone the simple route here, but how would you style a casual striped dress?

March 09, 2014

Styletread Autumn/Winter campaign

As much as I love summer, I can easily say Autumn/Winter is my favourite time of the year when it comes to fashion. I get excited just thinking about layering sweaters and coats, and wrapping myself up with knitted scarves, beanies and boots. 

Speaking of boots, Styletread recently launched their new Autumn/Winter range and boy, do they have some killer styles! We're really spoilt for choice, with a huge range of boots that'll keep your feet dry on those rainy days, while still making you look bang on trend!

Since boots are my weakness when it comes to shoes, I decided to share with you all my top 4 must-have boots for the winter season, and how I would style each of them for different occasions.

March 06, 2014

Black leopard

Hey guys! Hope you're all doing well :) It's nearly Friday! Yay!

I know I haven't posted in a while, but uni has been getting pretty intense... and it's only the second week.. oh gosh.. But I'm looking forward to escaping for a few days next week for my birthday! My mum booked me a surprise 4 day getaway to New Caledonia, and I can't wait to just relax by the beach all day and soak in the French culture :) What a great opportunity for me to practice my French language skills with the locals!

Now onto my look du jour ;) It was pretty warm today so I kept it casual with a skort and cami. I don't usually wear leopard a lot (or at all...) but I love this singlet I scored at the Boxing Day sales a few months ago. The strap detail on the chest caught my eye immediately. It's so unique, and I love the way it falls on my body when worn. I feel like the diagonal straps almost help to keep the singlet in place and not droop low.

Team this shirt with shorts or jeans for a casual look, and tuck it into a pencil skirt and pair it with heels for a night out. Such a great versatile piece!

Do you wear leopard print pieces often? How would you style this cami?

February 28, 2014

On the rocks

I have to say, constantly looking for new and unique locations for outfit photos can be challenging, but at the same time exciting, because you get the chance to discover cool places you would have otherwise never seen. And that's exactly what happened here. I was driving home to find a location near my area, when I decided to take the road less travelled (yep, I just quoted Robert Frost..). And when I turned off the main road, I found this gorgeous hide-away spot! I didn't even realise I had been driving right next to a river the whole time... Sydney is definitely full of surprisingly gorgeous places..