August 08, 2013

Top 6 picks for summer

I know it may seem strange writing this post as I'm freezing my butt off and it's pouring rain outside, but it's never too early to prepare for summer in Sydney! And for those of you who are lucky to be half way around the world and experiencing the beautiful sunshine, then I hope you find this post insightful :)

I was recently a featured blogger for Pickiea personalized shopping magazine for fashion, beauty & home goods. In Pickie you can personalize your catalog by selecting themes within categories, and each day you'll get an 'edition' of products & content that's tailored to your taste. Everything you see you can buy without leaving the app, which means no more frustration from seeing something awesome and then not being able to find where to buy it.
And if you want to see more options you can search to see everything in their catalog and filter by price, brand, etc. to find something that best suits your unique tastes (#bePickie!). 

And as part of the collaboration, I chose 6 essential picks for this summer:

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What are your top picks for summer?  What products/trends do you love for warmer weather? 
I'd love to know in the comments!