August 21, 2013

Green envy

I'm back with another outfit inspiration post! And this time it's all about Green :)
I've always been in love with emerald and I really like pairing it with black, white or neutral tones for a pop of colour in my outfit, but I usually wear the same jeans + shirt combination. I wanted to discover new ways of wearing different shades of green so I took to Pinterest (my obsession!) to find some street style snaps for inspiration to share with you all.

If you're looking for fun new ways to wear green, think faux fur coats, trench coats, lace pants, leather jackets, sheer maxi skirts, dresses (try metallic if you dare!), and if you just want a hint of green, then bold accessories will look great. Just have fun with it and experiment with different textures and prints to add interest.

Which looks are your favourite? And how do you style green items in your wardrobe?
I'd love to know in the comments!