July 30, 2013

Pop of purple

Scrolling through fashion photos on Pinterest is definitely one of my favourite things to do. There's an endless supply of outfit inspiration, which can easily spark an idea for a blog post. So, as you can tell from the title, today's inspiration board is all about shades of purple! I'm always one for colour - I hardly ever wear all black, so I'm always interested in finding new ways of injecting statement colours into my outfits. Enjoy!

July 28, 2013

Lazy sunday outfit

Hey guys - hope you're all doing well and enjoying your weekend! Here's a little outfit inspiration for a lazy sunday.

I'm spending my sunday with a late breakfast in bed, catching up on some emails, then organising my timetable for the week. Uni is unfortunately back and my holidays are over :(
Hopefully I'll have some time later in the afternoon for a gym session. My Saturday night dessert needs to be burnt off!

How are you spending your Sunday?
Sunglasses, watch, rings, sneakers, dress, bag, cardigan

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July 24, 2013

Chilly mornings

A complete opposite weather reference to my last post - but this is the reality of Sydney right now. I've experienced nothing but chilly mornings (and nights) since I got back from overseas, and it's making it super hard to get out of bed. Nevertheless, there's nothing like a warm knit and a pair of bright pants to lift the mood! :)

At least winter fashion is fun!

July 22, 2013

Summer days

I have to admit, this is a long over-due outfit post. In reality, it's winter in Sydney right now so I wouldn't be frolicking around the beach in a dress. But, looking and these photos does make me miss those warmer days... 

A day out to the beach always has me wearing a fun and flirty dress, a cool pair of sunnies and a trusty fedora. It's a perfect combo for me - casual, fun, comfortable and practical! Since I wasn't taking a dip in the ocean, I decided to play with layering a little and wore a sheer button-up shirt as a vest to go with the flowy vibe of the dress.

How do you guys style your outfits for the beach? I'd love to know in the comments!

July 17, 2013


I'm finally back with an outfit post!

I feel like this is such a classical and timeless outfit - and super comfortable! It's definitely a go-to outfit and I've worn variations of it many times. It's so practical when I'm at work or out running errands. And that was exactly what I did today. I love the combination of navy blue and stripes - you can never go wrong with it. And how cool are these ankle boots?! I'm loving them because not only are they right on trend, but the weather has been unpredictable lately so they transition well from a sunny day to a rainy one.

July 15, 2013

India photo diary - Part 2

Hey guys, I'm back with Part 2! 
If you missed out Part 1, you can check it out here. It covered a bit of Kuala Lumpur, then New Delhi, Punjab and Jaipur/Ajmer.

In this post, I'll be showing you guys the rest of my trip. Starting with the most exciting monument of all - the Taj Mahal! Part 2 will cover the cities of Agra, Varanasi (Ganges River), Bodh Gaya and a little bit of Delhi towards the end. Enjoy!

Taj Mahal!! It was a dream come true to be able to see one of the ancient wonders of the world, and it definitely lived up to all the hype! It was absolutely breathtaking. Such an iconic photo :)

July 12, 2013

India photo diary - Part 1 (+ Malaysia)

Hey guys! I'm finally back! :)
As you may already know, I've been travelling around India with my mum for the past 3 weeks and it was amazing. The people were friendly and always willing to help; the culture was so rich and beautiful; the sights, temples, forts, tombs and monuments were breathtaking and so large in scale (it got pretty tiring to walk around every monument in 35 degree heat); and the food was super delicious! I actually had a vegetarian diet for the entire trip! Most people in India are vegetarian, but they sure know how to cook tasty meals :)

Here's an overview of our itinerary:
We had a stop-over in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for a day so I included some pics. After we landed in Delhi, we straight away headed north to the states of Punjab and Haryana. Then we headed back down to Delhi for some sightseeing. From Delhi, we drove south-west to Jaipur and Ajmer in the state of Rajasthan. From here, we drove east to Agra in the state of Uttar Pradesh to see the one and only - Taj Mahal! Then we caught an overnight train east to Varanasi to see the Ganges River. From here, we drove further east to Bodh Gaya in the state of Bihar. This city is home to the Mahabodhi Temple and the Bodhi Tree, under which Buddha is believed to have attained enlightenment. Then we drove back to Varanasi where we caught an overnight train back to Delhi. 

It was a jam-packed holiday with so many wonderful experiences and memories to share, and I'm so excited to show you all what I got up to! 

First stop - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: