June 04, 2013

My favourite beauty products

Hey guys! I thought I'd do something a little different for today's post, and show you all my favourite beauty products. These are pretty much all the products I use on a regular basis. But I don't wear them all every day because I generally like to keep my face natural and breathable.

For my daily routine, I use a moisturiser, concealer, mineral powder, brow pencil and white eye liner - that's it! But I would use the rest of the products when I'm not just doing my "uni-work-home" routine.

Just a quick outline of all the products, clockwise:
I absolutely love this Estēe Lauder moisturiser. It's super light and keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day. I can't really use heavy or thick moisturisers because I hate the finish it leaves on my skin, so I tend to use more breathable creams. I never go a day without using this product! Love it!
Another 2 products I can't live without. I've been using this Estēe Lauder concealer for years now. The minute I tried it, I was hooked. It's a perfect match for my skin colour and gives great coverage all day. I've tried other concealers, but I've never found one that gives as much coverage, that didn't wear off during the day and that also matched my skin tone perfectly. This is definitely irreplaceable!

 My Nude by Nature mineral powder is also amazing, and I wear it nearly every day. I'm definitely not a foundation person, so I love the lightness of this powder. It feels like I'm not wearing anything at all, and it's super breathable and really evens out my skin tone.

Since we're on this topic, here's a little fact for you all:
I've only ever worn foundation twice in my life! And both times were to my school formals (year 10 and 12). I know that might sound strange, but that's how rare it is for me to wear heavy make-up. I always try to avoid it as much as possible :)
And here are the rest of the products. I love using the BYS white eye liner because it really brightens up my eyes and since I have quite dark eyes, it gives a nice contrast.

The Rimmel Exaggerate liquid liner is also great. It gives a very sharp and precise line and literally dries within 5 seconds! (perfect when you're in a rush). It also doesn't smudge or wear off during the night - at all.

The Nude by Nature brow pencil is a perfect colour for my eyebrows. It's not too dark, and it fills them in really well.

There are so many mascaras that I love, but I seem to use the Rimmel Lash Stiletto the most. I like how it doesn't clump up, and is quite light. It also separates my lashes and gives great length. It's nothing too dramatic, but perfect for every day wear.

I use this Lancôme illuminator quite regularly - it's such great quality! It gives an amazing shine to your skin and looks gorgeous in photos. I usually apply it just above my cheek bones, under my eyebrows, and also on the bridge of my nose. It gives a nice polished and structured finish to your face.

I can't tell you enough how I much I love the "Pout about it" lipstick range at Sportsgirl. I own quite a few already, but they've recently added more colours to their range and I want every single one! They're quite moisturising on my lips and the colour lasts surprisingly long - I'd usually top up only once during the day. This watermelon shade is my favourite (along with nude). It gives a great pop of colour to my outfits and instantly jazzes up my look.

Lastly, this Lancôme eyeshadow palette is what I mostly use for a night out. The shades of colour are great for the evening and the quality is amazing. One application already gives such a strong colour!


Well, that's all for my beauty favourites! I hope you guys enjoyed this post :)

I'd love to hear about your favourite beauty products! What do you love using? If you've written a blog post about something similar, leave the link in a comment below and I'd love to check it out :)