April 30, 2013

What's in my bag?

I've realised this type of blog post has become quite popular in the past few months, and I actually love seeing all the interesting, practical and necessary items people carry in their daily bag. So I thought it would be fun to take some pics of what's inside my own bag to share with you all!
The bag I've been carrying a lot lately is this grey Emporio Armani bag. It's super spacious and the colour is so neutral and versatile, making it perfect for every day wear. The 3 items I never leave my house without are my phone, keys and wallet - and if I'm heading to uni that day, then my I'd also bring my laptop. My wallet is from an Mimco. I've had it for around 4 years now and I love it! It's simple, it fits everything I need, and the quality is great! The leather is so soft and hasn't worn out yet, which is awesome!
I also love to carry a book or magazine i'm currently reading with me. I travel a lot so whether I'm waiting for a train or sitting in a taxi, I like to do some light reading. Right now, I'm reading Your Guide to Personal Style by Harper's Bazaar. It's a great book for learning how to understand your individual style and make outfits work for your body type and personality.
I always need a bottle of water to keep me hydrated and some trusty lip-balms because I tend to get dry lips pretty easily. My favourite lip-balms at the moment are Nivea Essential Care and Paw Paw Ointment. A bright lipstick is also needed for touch-ups during the day. I'm loving the shade Watermelon by Sportsgirl right now - it's so vibrant! And of course, a travel-sized perfume, make-up mirror and band-aids are all essentials.

Lastly, I always have a pair of sunnies in my bag. I have really sensitive eyes so I'm always wearing my sunglasses outside - even if it's cloudy. My sunnies are from Karen Walker and I've literally been wearing them everyday since I bought them about a year ago - it hasn't even left my handbag!
If you have any questions on any of the items, feel free to ask away. 

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And if you've written a post on your blog showing what's inside your bag, I'd love to read it so make sure to link it in a comment below!