April 06, 2013

The denim edition

Denim - possibly my favourite fabric of all time. I've been a denim kind of girl for as long as I can remember. I just love the comfort and casual vibe they give. I've heard the phrase: "Jeans are too tight and restrictive," many times, but I think it all depends on the fit and elasticity of them. I always buy jeans that mould to my body and I make sure that I can sit down and walk around in them comfortably, without needing to constantly pull them up or tuck in. You just have to pick the right pair for your body. If you're not into the super-tight denim, go for the loose, boyfriend look. It's just as chic!

I also love how denim is always fashionable. It's universally trendy and is definitely a staple for every wardrobe. But now the double-denim trend is taking hold and i'm loving it! It seems the more denim you pack into an outfit, the better. I've compiled some of my favourite photos showcasing this trend to offer some outfit inspiration and hopefully inspire you guys to try it out. Be adventurous if you dare. Play around with different shades, cuts, textures and even prints. Mix and match tight pieces with looser pieces. Pair dark denim with light denim, and see what super trendy outfits you can come up with! Enjoy!

Stay tuned for an outfit post showing my own take on this trend :)

How do you style your denim pieces? Which was your favourite outfit?

And if you've got a post on this trend, link it below so I can check it out :)