March 10, 2013

Fashion Palette

Last week I attended the Fashion Palette runway. It was a S/S 2013/14 collection show held in Sydney, showcasing 16 Australian designers - from established brands to new and upcoming labels. Apart from opening their doors 1 hour late, I enjoyed the show. Some designs were right on trend and stood out for me much more than others did, but I guess that comes down to personal taste.

Here are some photos from the runway. Apologies in advance for the photography - some are a little blurry! I didn't really have great seats either (the seating arrangements were all over the place and most people weren't sitting where they were supposed to) but I tried to make do with what I had. Enjoy!


Saucy Rose
The one thing that caught my eye immediately was the print. There were large florals on some and polaroid-like pictures printed on others, giving it more of a vintage vibe. The colours were mainly bright pinks with frills, making it very feminine and flirty, which I loved.

Mackenzie Mode
I loved the shape and silhouette of nearly every dress, but the prints were not for me. The collection felt quite vintage and definitely unique, but wouldn't really suit my style.

Gemeli Power
Loved, loved loved this collection! It was probably the most memorable one for me. My favourite was hands-down, the stunning vivd-red halter-neck gown with an open back (first pic below, and also on the right in the last photo). I loved all the colour the designer used, and the textures - there was everything from jersey and polyester to sequins and velvet. Gemeli Power is definitely a label i'd go to if I needed a gorgeous dress for a formal event.

This collection was quite nice as well. A lot of colour - just how I like it! There were several pieces (like the two pink outfits below) that were casual and perfect for everyday wear, and others which were a little more detailed and dressy - perfect for a night out or event. There was a lot of lace detailing in most pieces, making them feel quite soft and feminine. 

 Nicola Finetti
I really liked this collection because I felt like it was quite youthful and trendy. The dresses had gorgeous prints and silhouettes (I've always loved a good a-line cocktail dress) and the colour palette ranged from bright and bold to more subtle and lighter shades - something for everyone! I'm a sucker for all things tailored and Nicola had some beautiful tailored pants and shorts.

Wild Pony
Another swimwear collection that I really liked. There were a lot of neon colours - from pinks to yellows, which really caught my eye - especially the one-piece seen in the photo on the bottom right. The geometric-like monochrome print was eye-catching and edgy, and really came alive when paired with the neon colours. The feathered headpieces were also stunning!

Arthur Galan AG
This collection didn't really scream out at me as much as some of the others did. There were some really simple, elegant dresses, but nothing I feel I haven't seen in stores already. The first dress down the runway - a beautiful red short-sleeved dress (seen in bottom photo) would have to be my favourite piece, because the silhouette was clean and polished and I loved the bright colour.

Niki Teljega
I loved all the lace detailing and floral textures on the dresses. The colours were mainly soft pinks, giving off a feminine vibe. The shorter a-line dresses looked quite fun and playful, while the gowns looked much more formal (and some even looked hard to walk in!). However, most of the longer gowns looked perfect for bridesmaid dresses!

All the dresses in this collection had very clean lines and were extremely polished. The designs were very fitted, modern and elegant. It started off with strong and structured pieces, then moved on to add more colour as well as lace and sequin detailing. Gorgeous dresses for events and functions.

Which collection was your favourite? Any particular outfit that caught your eye? Let me know in the comments!