February 26, 2013

DIY memo board

Hey everyone!

So today's post is going to be a little different, and I think you'll like it :) As the title suggests, it's a DIY! I finally finished this French style memo board a few weeks ago, but had been planning it for months. I saw a gorgeous memo board hanging in a shop one day, and knew I had to make one for myself. I had a huge white empty wall in my bedroom just waiting for a gorgeous piece of art to be hung. But since this wall was facing directly towards my bed, I also knew that the pictures on the board had to be motivational, inspiring, and make me excited to get out of bed every morning.

My creation ended up looking very different to the one I saw in the store, but I tailored it to suit my personality and my bedroom decor. You can easily change the size of the canvas, the colour of the ribbons and thumbtacks, the print of the fabric - pretty much any material used - to create a unique board that suits your own individual style. Pin photos of your friends, family, inspiring quotes, fashion inspiration, tickets to a memorable movie you watched or a place you've been - anything you want! And the best part is that you can always change up the photos since they're not super-glued on!

Let's get started! Firstly: what you'll need.
A blank canvas, cotton fabric, polyester batting, staple gun, scissors, satin ribbon, thumbtacks and an iron.

Next, wrap the polyester batting around the canvas and use your staple gun to secure it into the wooden frame. Don't pull too tightly on this material as the fabric can stretch apart easily. You want to leave some room for movement as this will create a thicker, more 3-dimensional look which will be perfect when pinning down photographs or notes.

Once you've done this, repeat with the the fabric: wrap it around and staple gun it into the wooden frame. Using your scissors, cut off any excess fabric and iron the board at the end to finish it off with a neat, polished look. 

Next, roughly arrange the ribbon on the top of the canvas, cutting strips as you go. Remember to leave enough ribbon on both sides to secure it with a staple gun on the back.

Once you've played around with the ribbon, and you've made up your mind on the distance between each strip, remove all the ribbon going in 1 of the directions and put it to the side. Focus on your first layer and pin it down (temporarily) with thumbtacks to secure the location.

Flip the board over and secure the ends with a staple gun.

Then flip the board back over to work on the second layer or ribbon. In this step, make sure you interweave the satin ribbon with the existing strips you just secured. In other words, take the ribbon you're working on and go under, then over, under then over, the existing ribbon.

Here's a close-up shot. It just makes the ribbon stronger and more secure, and also helps hold up your photographs with the criss-cross motion.

After that, secure the remaining ribbon with your staple gun and your almost done!

Once you've trimmed off any excess fabric, pin down your thumbtacks on the intersections of the ribbon. 

Now it's the fun part! Add your favourite photographs, memories, quotes - whatever you want! If you feel some photos aren't secure enough, just add a little bit of glue-tack to them to keep them in place. Then simply hang it up on the wall or place it in any location you want and feel inspired every day!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY! Let me know what you think of it :)
How would you style your own memo board? What photos, quotes, memories would you include?