January 06, 2013

Weird, whacky, wonderful shoes!

While flicking through some fashion magazines (something I spend way too much time on) and admiring all the gorgeous new clothes on runways around the world, I started noticing that it wasn't actually the clothes I was looking at after a while, it was the shoes. My eyes were continuously drawn away from elaborate dresses, flowy skirts and even statement accessories and it was in fact the unusual yet strangely stunning shoes that caught my attention.

We all know that in the wonderful world of fashion, the crazier the idea, the more people will gravitate towards it. It's all about being fresh, fun and unpredictable - and I certainly didn't see these coming on the runway!

So I thought i'd share some with you that I found earlier. Some are more casual, others are just crazy! Maybe one day i'll become daring enough to even work a pair into my outfit. Maybe.