January 10, 2013

Print is the new black

I've been obsessing over this trend for a while now, especially because i've never been much of an 'all-black outfit' lover. I love colour, and I love prints! I was actually so obsessed with my first pair of floral tailored trousers, I wore them every week. Then went out and bought another pair of ombre floral trousers. They're so comfortable and easy to style. Just pair them with any basics you have in your wardrobe and you've got a stylish ensemble in seconds!

I think print adds interest to an outfit, whether it's on pants, skirts, shirts or even a bag. It can take really take your outfit up a notch and make it pop.

So here are some photos I found inspirational when wanting to pull off the printed trend. If you're daring, there may be some new and unexpected ways of wearing prints. If you're unsure whether try it, maybe these gorgeous outfits will change your mind!

Sources: tumblr, flickr, blogspot, estherboutique, stockholmstreetstyle