October 12, 2012

Neon bright

I’m sure all of you rugged up in jumpers and boots can’t wait to welcome warmer weather. So, what does this spring have in store for us? Well it seems the latest trend is all about fluorescent-hued clothing and accessories, and it’s taking off fast! This season seems to be all about hot pink, citron yellow and bright lime green shades, so if you’re a little colour shy like myself, then this trend can be quite daunting to master. But don’t worry, I have a few tips for you, whether you’re a little shy of neon, or you’re ready to rock a full-on neon outfit.
Neon accessories:
The easiest way to incorporate neon into your wardrobe and to dip your toe into the trend is by simply adding accessories to instantly brighten up your outfit. Neon scarves, belts, shoes, handbags and jewellery are all simple, inexpensive and subtle ways to pull off the neon look. For spring, why not pair a white dress with some lace details and add a bold pop of colour by styling it with a hot pink skinny belt and/or a matching pair of shoes. A sleek neutral coloured clutch makes sure you’re not going overboard with the neon and finish off with simple gold jewellery to add a feminine touch.

Pair neon with neutrals:
Mixing neon and neutral colours together creates a balance between the strong colours and is a match made in fashion heaven. It’s also the perfect stepping-stone if you feel comfortable enough to start wearing neon clothing. Choosing to wear just one piece of neon clothing with a neutral colour palette allows the bright colour to be the statement piece and the focus of the outfit, creating a bold, yet tame look. You can choose any neon hue you want, take a basic lime green t-shirt for example and tuck it in cream shorts and matching cream coloured shoes. Throwsome sunnies on and you instantly have a casual yet stylish look for spring.You can also team a pair of neon skinny jeans with a grey top and by adding a small neon necklace to match the jeans, you’ll really be embracing the trend.

Downplay the neon colours:
You can also choose to downplay the neon in your outfit. This means that rather than making a bright neon piece stand out by pairing it with neutral tones, you instead style it with other bold clothing and accessories. This ensures that the neon piece is just one element of the outfit, and when styled correctly, it can looksuper trendy and boho-like. This look works particularly well with softer neon colours that aren’t as bright on the eyes. For example, experiment with pairing a pleated neon orange skirt with a printed t-shirt and a denim vest. Finish off with some strappy sandals, feathered earrings and a light floral satchel. All the different elements in this outfit help to balance out the neon and create a casual look – it’s perfect for those who still want to incorporate the trend, but not make it the focus.

Create contrast:
Black and neon are total opposites in the colour world, yet still work so well together when paired. Wearing bright neon with clean-lined black clothing and sleekaccessories not only creates fantastic contrast, but also makes for a daring look that will definitely get you noticed. A neon yellow dress with a black belt will create great contrast. If you feel your neon dress can do without a belt, then add a pair of black ankle-cuff heels instead, and a simple black shoulder strap bag to create a polished and elegant look. Finish off with some black and silver accessories to tie the whole theme in and give the outfit a little edge.

Colour block:
Colour blocking has been big the past few seasons, so naturally pairing a neon piece with another is a great way to wear this trend. Just keep the neon pieces solid and bright for maximum effect, and since neon colours are quite bright, it’s best to colour-block a piece of clothing with an accessory instead of two items of clothing, just so you don’t look like a bad 90s flashback. For example, try pairing a neon yellow shirt with cream shorts and a thin neon pinkbelt. You could also try a white shirt with neon blue jeans and a neon yellow necklace. Finish accessorising with a black and white watch and simple studs for an outfit that incorporates the neon trend with a modern and classic edge.

I hope this will inspire you to add a little neon in your outfit in time for spring!