June 16, 2012

A look into the Queen's fashion

As we all know, the past week has been filled with celebrations and excitement in the UK and also right here in Australia. Firstly, it was the Queen's birthday! (giving us Aussies a public holiday!). But of course, the most excitement surrounded a historic event to mark 60 years of the Queen's reign - the Diamond Jubilee. I think we can all agree that the Queen is one of the most iconic women in the world - and yes, in the fashion industry too!

From a young age, the Queen has always remained stylish and elegant, no matter the occasion. As she grew older and wiser, her fashion sense also matured and there really hasn't been any bad wardrobe days for this royal lady. Why? She always sticks to a few "style rules" (most of which many young lady's in todays society should take note of): no transparency, not too tight or short, must adhere to weather conditions, must be culturally sensitive when touring and must be designed by a British designer.

The Queen once said, 'I have to be seen to be believed'. Her small figure can make it hard for her to be spotted in a crowd, so she always wears bright colours - hot pinks, bright blues and purples - to help the public catch a glimpse of her. You could say she made bright colours - even colour blocking - fashionable. 

Supermodel Aggie Deyn style icon is the Queen and Dolce and Gabbana's 2008 winter collection was inspired by her. Now at the age of 86, one can only imagine the changes in style she has witnessed - even living through the most iconic and fashionable decades in history, from the Roaring 20's to today. She has proven that age is not what determines great style, but rather that age can enhance one's style and elegance. If you're going to rule the throne, why not do it wearing it a hot fuchsia jacket?!

Here's a look into the Queen's fashion over the past one year, thanks to Vogue: